Editing service

Emendo Bioscience edits the English in research documents, correcting the spelling, grammar and punctuation and improving the style so the science is as clear, logical and accurate as possible.
If you want to improve the quality of your next publication, you can send your document now for a no-obligations quote including an estimate of turnaround time. Prices start from 80 EUR for 1000 words of original text.
Emendo Bioscience specialises in helping researchers prepare manuscripts for publication in the most prestigious life science journals. We also edit covering letters, web sites, abstracts, posters, CVs, book chapters, letters, grant applications and presentations. We have edited documents for museum exhibitions, tourism, charities, authors, biotech entrepreneurs and even rock concerts! So if you have a document that needs checking, please don’t hesitate to ask for a quote.
Emendo Bioscience began life when Rachel Carol won the BBSRC Biotechnology YES in 2001 and the University of East Anglia Innovation Business Plan Competition in November 2002. ‘Emendo’ is Latin for ‘I emend’. The Oxford English Dictionary definition of ’emend’ is ‘to correct and revise a text’ which is exactly what we do.