Good reasons to watch TV – part 3

The Big Bang Theory is currently shown on NRJ12 in France. This is the closest portrayal of real life as a researcher since Beaker got a job as a technician working for Dr Honeydew at Muppet Labs. The Big Bang Theory features a gang of roommates, labmates, and neighbours, all trying to live the dream […]

Good reasons to watch TV – part 2

We continue our tour of television series that are currently broadcast in France. With the audio set to the original English and by paying a little bit more attention than usual, you can easily improve your English by learning short phrases or new vocabulary. NCIS, the award-winning CBS drama, has been a mainstay of Friday […]

Good reasons to watch TV – part 1

Your mum, your boss and Jack Lang would perhaps not agree but watching foreign TV programmes can be good for you. You can improve your English in the comfort of your own home. Never before has French TV offered such a range of quality viewing in version originale, some repeated ad infinitum so you can […]

Help is at hand

Understanding English is essential for today’s biologist. As my undergraduate and postgraduate students reluctantly admit, if you choose a career in biology, you also choose English. Reading, writing, speaking, listening to and searching for information in English are as much a part of the working day for professional biologists as feeding your lab animals, grinding […]