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Understanding English is essential for today’s biologist. As my undergraduate and postgraduate students reluctantly admit, if you choose a career in biology, you also choose English. Reading, writing, speaking, listening to and searching for information in English are as much a part of the working day for professional biologists as feeding your lab animals, grinding up cells, amplifying DNA or brandishing a scalpel.

French researchers are certainly at a disadvantage in this internationally competitive field. Do not worry though. The aim of this blog is, post by post, to relieve some of the stress of dealing with English everyday in the lab. I will give plenty of advice, some deliciously simple, some more complex. I will look at particular words and phrases that can be hard for French speakers to understand and use. I will point to online resources and review books. This blog is dedicated to specifically helping French life scientists, but scientists of other nationalities and language groups are more than welcome too.

You can sign up to receive each new post on the right. If you find that any of the posts are helpful, please share them on social media. If you need individual help for editing a paper you can contact me directly via Emendo Bioscience any time. If you have a problem or question that you would like me to deal with on the blog, please get in touch in French or in English via the comments below, Facebook or Twitter.

In the meantime, sit back and relax in the knowledge that help is at hand.

Sit back and relax (Shutterstock image)
Sit back and relax.

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